How to burn Mountain Lion onto a 4.7GB DVD

As you might have noticed, you can’t burn the Mountain Lion „InstallESD.dmg“ onto a standard 4.7GB DVD.

Mac OS’s Disk Utility only allows you to burn up to 4.36 GB onto a DVD

I tried a bunch of burning tools, but the ones that support over-burning DO NOT support it via a disk image. So what to do, when you’ve no double-layer disk here and it’s already 09:00pm an no chance to get one? – Of corse Google’s your friend 🙂

The solution

Mac OS itself offers an over-burning feature. But to use that, you must create a new Image out of the original one. Just follow these few steps :

  • Mount the „InstallESD.dmg“ of the downloaded package
  • Start the Terminal
  • Navigate to a folder where you want to put the image
  • Create a new image with the following command:
    • hdiutil makehybrid -o installESD.iso /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/
  • Insert a blank 4.7GB DVD into your SuperDrive and start the burning procedure with the command:
    • hdiutil burn InstallESD.iso
    • On the screenshots you’ll see that it won’t work with the original dmg file!
After the process has finished the DVD will be verified and you’re good to go.

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